Leave your mark at Sandra Ramos Art Studio

Leave your mark at Sandra Ramos Art Studio

€ 30,00 / Pax

10 Guests

Address: Calle 49 # 2847 e/ 28 y 34 Kohly. Playa. La Habana, Cuba
Hosted by: Liane Ramos
Starts at: 9:30 AM



Start time: 9:30 AM
Where to go: 2847 49th street, between 28 and 34st, Kohly, Havana
Tour days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tour Duration: 2 hours
Children allowed: No



Sandra Ramos lives and works between Havana & Miami. Through a compelling visual dialogue, Ramos has gained an international reputation by expressing her personal relationship to Cuba's political and social realities. We can find in her art, references to familiar characters from literature, history, and folklore. Your visit starts with a tour by the Studio and a detailed explanation of Sandra Ramos Art. After, you will print a small xylography made from one of Sandra´s artwork which you will keep as a token of your visit. While the print is drying, we will have a brief interchange over soft drink / coffee about Sandra´s work.


What we will do

We will visit the studio of one of Cuba's contemporary artists–Sandra Ramos. We'll learn about the specific references to familiar characters taken from literature, history, and folklore that appear in her works. We'll also create a small xylographic (woodblock) print made from one of Ramos's works for you to keep as a token of your visit. We'll end with drinks and a chat about her work and how it fits into contemporary Cuban art.


What I'll provide

  • Drinks and coffee
  • Materials to make a print made from a xylographic matrix from Sandra´s work


Where we'll be

We'll meet at Sandra Ramos's Studio in the Kohly neighborhood of Havana, Cuba. After exploring her work and making a print ourselves, we'll chat over drinks.

Address in English: 2847 49th street, between 28 and 34st, Kohly, Havana

Address in Spanish: Calle 49 #2847 entre 28 y 34, Kohly, Habana

Contact Phone: +535 3818376


About your host, Liane

As Sandra Ramos' sister and assistant, I've represented her work for decades. With degrees in curatorial work, I'm also involved in art projects, including a digital catalog of Cuban modern art.




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